Sara Sadeghi

Born in Sweden with Persian roots, Stockholm-based stylist Sara Sadeghi has been working in the fashion industry for 16 years. Her journey started in London, where she obtained a Bachelor’s Degree (Honours) in Fashion Journalism at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts. After four years of living in the UK she moved back to Stockholm to pursue her career as a Fashion Editor/ Fashion Director. Today she works both as a Stylist & Creative Consultant, working with the most leading fashion magazines, commercial campaigns, extensive TV-productions, as well as celebrity styling. Sara’s styling is versatile but characterized by a sleek and classic look with a modern touch. She loves playing with contrasts and has a strong visual eye with an impeccable attention to detail.

Clients: Absolut, Damernas Värld, Elle, Esquire, Intimissimi, H&M, Kanal 5, Plaza, Storytel, TV4, Universal Music, Vanity Fair, Åhléns and many more.

Damernas Värld

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