Rebecca Cohen


Stockholmer Rebecca Cohen has been working as a professional stylist for ten years. Her first training was in the creative atmosphere of art school, but it was through assisting stylists that she found her true vocation; though a love of fashion since childhood was certainly an early sign of which course her career would take.Her signature is unexpected juxtapositions – cheap with super-expensive, feminine but careless; her look is often raw and non-classical – though it all depends on the assignment. Her ideal is a neurotic New Yorker who loves pimped-up clothes, eating cake in bed and partying in her pyjamas. She finds inspiration in talented people.</span></div>

Clients: <div style=”text-align:left;”>  <span style=”letter-spacing:1px;color:#000000;font-size:11px;”>Audi, Bon, Burger King, DV Mode, Dealer de luxe, Diesel Fashion Leftovers, Eurocard, Fashion Tale, Fortum, Gallerian, HQ Fonder, Ica, IKEA, Interflora, Myrorna, NK, Oboy, Perfect Edition, Plaza, Ponds, Resteröds, SEB, Specsavers, Squint, Statoil, Stylein, Synsam, Telia, Volvo, UPC, WE</span></div>


  • Fendi Kids SS19 28
  • Fendi Kids SS19 22
  • Fendi Kids SS19 08
  • Fendi Kids SS19 05
  • Fendi Kids SS19 29
  • Fendi Kids SS19 24
  • Fendi Kids SS19 27
  • Fendi Kids SS19 26
  • Fendi Kids SS19 18
  • Fendi Kids SS19 13
  • Fendi Kids SS19 02
  • Fendi Kids SS19 09
  • Fendi Kids SS19 11
  • Fendi Kids SS19 14