Pamela Bellafesta

Instagram: pambellafesta

Pamela Bellafesta predominantly work with leading fashion magazines both Swedish and international and have also worked a lot with television. During her years as a creative fashion editor for Swedens most respected fashion magazine for men, King , she developed a fondness for men s fashion. Something that has led her to jobs for example L Uomo Vouge and Eton.

Clients: Clients: Eton, H&M, NK, Stylein, Triumph, Jack & Jones, MQ, Gant, KappAhl, Odlo, Twist & Tango, Esprit, Apoteket Hjärtat, Editorial:Cafe Magazine, ICON, L Uomo Vogue, NK Stil, Plaza Magazine, SSAW Magazine,Rodeo, Uomo Plaza

KappAhl Christmas

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