Rickard Sund

Photographer and director Rickard Sund is known for his cinematic images that reach out and touch the viewer. Over the course of his career in fashion and lifestyle he has proved his ability to bring out the best in every team and scenario with an intuitive, collaborative approach. Rickard brings complete focus and infectious energy to each assignment, often experimenting with new ways to chase the perfect picture. Whether creating stills or moving pictures, he works with the location and light to bring to life captivating worlds, with a combination of analogue and digital techniques lending his work depth and spontaneity.Rickard is based in Stockholm where he lives with his girlfriend and dachshund, but his work takes him all over the world. His clients include H&M, Adidas, Peak Performance, J.Lindeberg, Volvo, Zalando and S. Oliver alongside publications like Icon, Monocle, Glamour, Schön!, Kult and Noah.


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