Mikkel Vang

Mikkel was born in Denmark. He studied at The Danish School of Photography. He was enrolled in the five year program which provided him with the opportunity of studying cinematography as well as photography. Upon graduation he was awarded The Outstanding Achievement Award in Photography,by the Danish Queen. Mikkel had already absorbed the Scandinavian esthetic and decided to challenge himself and spend the next 5 years working in Australia. During this experience Mikkel was able to take his esthetic and combine it with the light that he found in Australia. Combining both points of view enabled him to develop a truly unique style of photography. Which today has made him one of the world most thought after photographers. He is today based out of New York but goes where ever the projects take him. As Mikkel’s work grew in assurance his knowledge and interest in cinematography contributed another important dimension to his images. His creative use of “framing” seemed to be the missing link. Though at this point he found his work receiving acclaim from all over the world, the ability to frame an image, give it the magic of a cinematic moment, was what provided Mikkel with exactly the type of photography opportunities he had been searching for.

Clients: Samsung, American Express /us, Starbucks/us, Travel Leisure/us, Conde Nast Traveller, Gourmet/us, Philip Morris/us, Ritz Carlton/worldwide, Regent/worldwide, Estee Lauder/Jo Malone worldwide, The New York Times Magazine, Ikea, Ralp Lauren, Delta airline/worldwide, Westin/us, Vogue Living, Vogue Entertaining, Donna Hay, Volvo, H&M, Bloomingdales, Bose, Kitchen Aid.