Hannes Söderlund

Hannes Söderlund, photographer, based in Stockholm, Sweden. Hannes’ inspiration is mainly derived from the swedish island Gotland, an island filled with beautiful light and rich history, waiting to be captured and preserved through the lens. He also gain inspiration from Åre, the quaint little town in north of Sweden, Hannes’ second home. Spending time on the slopes, with fresh air and spectacular views, makes Hannes the happiest guy in the world.Hannes is a diligent advertising photographer with a wonderful sense of using the light, and have been working with customers such as Vitamin Well, Jägermeister, King and Riksbyggen. He’s also passionated about documentary photography with a fantastic ability to capture the moment. From photographing Zlatan Ibrahimovic to traveling the world, following the famous DJ Steve Angello on his journeys. 

Clients: Dandys Table, Froosh, Grann., HOPE, Hövding, IKEA, Jägermeister, King.com, Kombi Gloves, Koncept.se, K2, Marbodal, Nick Cabana, NOBE, NOCCO, Nocs Atelier, Norrøna, Reflex Arkitekter, Riksbyggen, SIZE, SOS Sportswear, Steve Angello, Strategisk Arkitektur, Triwa, Xtravel, Vitamin Well