Felicia Masalla

Agent: ann@agentbauer.com


Instagram: studiofelicia

Felicia started her career as photography assistant in Stockholm. After a while, she landed a dream job working as an international photographer but has since found her way back to Sweden. Felicia has worked on a digital exhibition at Fotografiska, shot covers for Elle Magazine and even worked on campaigns for Nelly, Kappahl, Ellos, NA-KD and H&M. Felicia’s photography has set an inspiring tone for the fashion industry through her artistic, warm and genuine touch. Though Felicia has mastered a broad range of styles, she can even be seen as a pro at capturing mood and feeling in her images, with her work having been described as poetic. Felicia has also spent time in Bali where she has worked on productions, and takes much of her inspiration from the tropical island.


  • 2137 WOMEN BREATH 24855 S_OK
  • 2137 WOMEN BREATH 24627 S_OK
  • 2137 WOMEN BREATH 24454 L_OK
  • 2137 WOMEN BOND 24127 S_OK
  • 2137 WOMEN BOND 23816 L_OK
  • 2137 WOMAN SHAPE 80 S_OK
  • 2137 WOMAN MOVEMENT 107 L_OK
  • 2137 WOMAN MOVEMENT 019 M_OK