Fabian Björnstjerna

Fabian Björnstjerna has many years of experience as a professional food photographer, prior to which he learned the trade as assistant to a variety of established photographers in London and Stockholm. With his roots in analogue photography, he is used to fixing the image in the camera; though of course today’s technology is an added benefit. With a focus on simplicity and minimalism, Fabian prefers to let his subject speak for itself, without too many tricks or embellishments; his long client list speaks eloquently of the effectiveness of his approach.

Clients: Arla, Coop, Friggs, Scanfoods, Felix, Findus, ICA, Garant, Yoplait, Mrs Cheng, Norrmejerier, Proviva, Skånemejerier, Hemköp, Abba, NK, Residence, Elle Mat & Vin, Gourmet, Elle Interiör, Systembolaget, Apoteket, Brio, Barncancerfonden, Electrolux, Plantagen, Willy´s, Hemtex, Indiska, SEB, Eniro, Spendrups, Milko, Gant Home, Akademikliniken, Nathalie Schuterman.


  • 4035314 Skördesallad+med+äpple+och+belugalinser
  • 4035317 Falukorv+med+smörstekt+vitkål+och+senapssås
  • 3991826 Äppelmuffins+med+kanel+och+kardemumma
  • 3758889 Pastasallad+med+fylld+pasta+och+basilika
  • 3830052 Matvetesallad+med+nektarin+och+mozzarella
  • 3155011 +Chokladdoppad+jordn%C3%B6tsglass
  • 3078158 Blackbean+muffins