Andreas Kleiberg

Andreas Kleiberg, born 1985 in Stavanger, has worked as a photographer and director since he finished his education at Trondheim Fotografskole in 2006. Andreas mainly works within the commercial segment of photography, and is quite experienced in merging his clean, masculine aesthetics onto the advertising formats. His carefully planned ”coincidences” is always elegantly composed, and his distinct use of light feels both soft and natural.This particular photographer is passionately focused on the process, and creating strong and unique imagery for his clients. He has delivered campaigns for clients as Triumph Motorcycles, Citroën, Hurtigruten, NSB and SATS.

Clients: Landrover, Triumph Motorcycles, Citroën, Hurtigruten, NSB, SATS, Infinitum, Vinmonopolet

Triumph Bonneville

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