Monica Eisenman


Monica is a Swedish-American cookbook author, food writer and food stylist. With a degree in Graphic Design from EGD in Paris. She launched her professional culinary career in 2000. Monica’s aesthetic style is a broad one and ranges from rustic and simple to more elaborate and refined – always with an eye for details. In addition to creating recipes and carrying out food styling assignments such as TV commercials, print advertising and packaging, Monica also freelances for major newspapers and lifestyle, fashion and interior design magazines.

Clients: Elle Mat & Vin, Allt om mat, Residence, Lantliv mat och vin, Family Living, Coop, Ekströms, Hemköp, ICA, Felix, Findus, Preem, Lantmännen, Arla, OLW, Dafgård, AEG, Gevalia, Hennig Olsen

Allt om mat - Seafood dinner

  • Såser 48530 1 kopiera_
  • Cheddarpaj 48560 (kopia)
  • Sorbé 48857 kopiera_
  • Moule 48643 (kopia)
  • Brytbröd 48496 (kopia)
  • Ostron 48605_
  • Vodka champagne 48831 (kopia)