Tina Hellberg

Tina Hellberg is an interior stylist based in Stockholm. A seasoned stylist veteran, Hellberg creates spaces and connections between the things that surround us. Inspired by nature, functionalism, literature and artists such as Agnes Martin, Rachel Whiteread, Hilma af Klint, Joseph Beuys, Louise Bourgeois, and Tim Walker, it’s easy to see how her influences are reflected onto her scenes. In addition to styling Hellberg builds, hunts, arranges and set designs most of her sceneographies-all part of the job. Text by Eujin Rhee, dwell magazine

Clients:  Alcro, Allt om Mat, Allt om Trädgård, Arla, Beckmans College of Design, Blomsterfrämjandet, Damernas värld, dwell, Elle Interiör, Ekolådan, Formex, Fritidsresor, Hemtex, ICA, Iittala, IKEA, Interflora, Lantliv, Leksands knäcke, Lindahls, Mateus Ceramics, Mio, NCC, Rörstrand, Skanska Nya Hem, Weleda, Årets konditor

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