Mikael Beckman

Instagram: mikael_beckman

Mikael Beckman is one of Sweden’s most sought after within his genre. Since he started his business in 1989, he has worked with most of the major Swedish furniture companies as well as the kitchen and bathroom suppliers, the Swedish art glass manufacturer, Orrefors, and a number of international clients. At the same time, Mikael has been a contributing editor to the magazine Wallpaper. He has also had time to establish an impressive network. Over the years many of the assignments have developed into more of long-term partnerships. Mikael Beckman also frequently appears when that little extra is needed in the form of structure, logistics and administration. Or, for that matter, as the true developer of concepts; a consultant of visual issues who a client or an advertising agency will contact already during the initial stage of developing creative ideas. /Annica Kvint

Clients: Arkitekthus, Arla, Bauknecht, Cessna Citation, Clarion Hotel, David Design, Design House Stockholm, Duka, Efva Attling, Electrolux Home, Forsman & Bodenfors, Futurniture, Hackman, Hemtex. Hermès, HM Home, IKEA, Indiska Magasinet, INR, King, La Republica Delle Donne, Manor, Marbodal, Markslöjd, Maxwell House, Mc Cann, NK Nordiska Kompaniet, Nokia, Orrefors, Planeta, Residence, Room, Sandberg Tapeter, Statoil, Svenskt Tenn, Taittinger, Wallpaper, Wasa, Åhlens, Åkestam Holst

Svenskt Tenn

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