Instagram: karlgrandin / atldax

In 1996, artists Björn Atldax and Karl Grandin joined forces and founded the group Vår. Their energetic and prolific artwork have been featured on book and album covers, textiles, posters, furniture, walls and in magazines and films. Vår were co-founders of the clothing label Cheap Monday and responsible for the brand’s unique style and artwork for four years. Today they share a studio in the north side of Stockholm and work on both personal and commercial art projects.

Clients: Absolut, Amnesty International, Cheap Monday, Dagens Nyheter, Filofax, Harper’s Bazaar, Helly Hansen, Kartell, Levi’s, Monki, Monocle, MTV, Natur & Kultur, Reclaim The City, Sony Music, SVT, Tokion, Wallpaper.