Björn Öberg

Instagram: bjorn_oberg

Björn Öberg was born in 1981 in a small village outside of Jokkmokk in the north of Sweden. As a young boy he spent hours and hours drawing and painting – even then determined that he would some day be able to live off his craft. And for the last ten or so years he’s been specializing in editorial, commercial and informational illustration. With a style characterized by a richness in detail and boldness in color he’s passionate about creating images that will tell some kind of story. Be it humoristic, serious or something that simply helps to create understanding or provide context. 

Clients: Telenor Sverige, Lilly, Nordea, E.ON, Forskning & framsteg, Epiroc, Chefstidningen, SAS Scandinavian Airlines, Paulig group, Fjällräven, JM Bygg, Wired UK, Volvo CE, Variety

Forskning & framsteg

  • Fof everything
  • Fof kvantkryptografi
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  • Fof doden
  • Fof medicin
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