Sofia Ringberger

When Sofia Ringberger decided, while still at kindergarten, that she wanted to cut her fringe, you could probably tell in which direction she was headed. Since graduating from hairdressing school she has worked tirelessly as a professional hair stylist for fashion and advertising, and has gained a reputation for her highly inventive creations which combine classic shapes with novel textures to impressive effect. She is inspired by the small and trivial, yet lovely; things like feathers, leaves, accidental shapes and faces.Sofia was born in 1985 in Stockholm where she now lives and works.

Clients: Contributor Magazine, Diana Orving, Damernas Värld, DV Mode, ELLE, French Glamour, Gant, House of Dagmar, H&M, Ida Sjöstedt, Kappahl, Lindex, Oriflame, Peak Performance, Polarn & Pyret, Plaza Magazine, Soma Magazine, Tiger Jeans, Vero Moda, Weekdays, Zink Magazine and more….