Petra Stenhammar

With a mother as a fashion designer, a sister as a portraitist and a brother also in the fashion industry, her interest in fashion and make-up naturally came early. With her love for beauty in general and particularly photography, she worked her way through the music industry into the fashion and PR-world, where she today undertakes the work she is so passionate about. With extensive experience working as a project manager, she is a true team player who always looks out for the best for the team and is always keen to take on a challenge. Being patient and persistent makes her great with kids of all ages. All things considered, she is a driven, fearless, sensitive and humble person with a large dose of positivity.

Clients: Oriflame, Swedbank, Spanx, Baby Björn, Warner Music, Pierre Robert, Drakenberg/Sjölin, Apoteket Hjärta, OBH Nordica, Weekdays and more…

Drakenberg Sjölin

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