Alexandra Aronsson

A true enthusiast of the industry, Hair/Make-up artist Alexandra Aronsson clearly loves her occupation – to be resourceful and with spirit working in teams. Her encouraging and cheerful way of working is catching, responsive and fresh. Fellow colleagues describe her work as motivated, focused, comprehensive and updated – with great brains for fashion and an eye for the finishing result. Born in Ystad, Sweden. Based in Stockholm. Been freelancing worldwide since 2002. Has a wonderful dialect.

Clients: Apoteket, Bon, Casall, Costume, Damernas Värld, Danska Bazaar, DV Mode, H&M, Ida Sjöstedt, Indiska, Odeur, Oriflame, Peak Performance, RedGreen, Stadium, Tiger of Sweden, Peak Performance, Plaza Kvinna, Puma, Zink Magazine, Åhlens and more…

Edblads AW20

  • Edblad AW20 Deco Earrings Necklace Gold 6862
  • Edblad AW20 Soare Earrings Multi gold Chain Pansar steel 3056
  • Edblad AW20 Tinsel Necklace 40 50 Gold Bracelet Steel 4283
  • Edblad AW20 Berzelii Studs Necklace steel 3993
  • Edblad AW20 Clara Earrings FrontBack Necklace Gold 8541
  • Edblad AW20 Deco Earrings Necklace steel 3465